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Upper Cervical

Upper cervical misalignment teaching tool

As the name implies, this chiropractic technique focuses on the Upper Cervical region of the neck. Specifically we are looking at the relationship between the Occiput (skull bone aka C0) and the top two cervical vertebrae called Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2). Misalignment between these two bones near the base of the skull can cause interference in nervous system signals between the brain and the rest of the body. 

Since the pathway from the brain stem to the spine is the main pathway for nerve impulses, we focus on these misalignments and apply precise, gentle corrections. This action can remove nervous system inhibition and/or excitation to allow your body to operate at maximum health. 

The Upper Cervical Spine is a critical region for the body’s normal functionality. Information travelling directly to or from the brain stem passes through here, often millions of times a minute. Many of the body’s most important functions are governed through this pathway, including heartbeat, breathing, digestion, subconscious muscle coordination, and dilation or constriction of veins and arteries.

Despite the region’s vital importance, this particular area does not have as many natural protections as the rest of the spine against shock, friction, stress or pressure due to its lack of intervertebral discs in this area. Complicating matters further, these two bones move on a horizontal plane contrary to the rest of the spine’s vertical movement.

Dr. Bethany analyizing a patient with x-ray in background
Upper Cervical Adjustment by Dr. Bethany

When this area experiences trauma, shock or pressure — even in small amounts — it can cause issues with our immune response, our vital functions and our general wellness.

At Focus Forward Chiropractic, Dr. Bethany Raudenbush has extensive knowledge of the nervous system, spinal structure, and the healing art of chiropractic care thanks to years of intense study and practice. Rather than providing treatment for specific illness or symptoms, we assess and correct the issue at the root cause (subluxation). Chiropractic care in turn has the ability to improve your energy, nervous system performance, and natural healing ability.

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